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Comment Policy

 Comment Policy

We’ve designed our comment policy to help you feel at home at The Good Search. I fact, we want everyone to feel at home posting comments on The Good Search. We don’t know what your home is like, but we know how we expect people to behave when they visit ours. That’s why we reserve the right to delete comments and ban users as needed to keep the comment threads here civil and substantive.

Comment Policy Don’ts

Although we can’t be everywhere at once, our comment policy forbids the following:

  • Don’t shamelessly promote your own brand, product, or blog.
  • Don’t make comments that demonstrate you didn’t read the blog post.
  • Don’t change the subject, making comments that are off-topic.
  • Don’t make threats of any kind, no matter how vague.
  • Don’t engage in racist, sexist, homophobic, or personal attacks.
  • Don’t troll.

Comment Policy Do’s

  • Do keep it positive. We welcome civil, polite discussion.
  • Do make informed observations that add to our understanding of the topic.
  • Do offer constructive criticism that is measured and respectful.
  • Do share the wit and wisdom that we know you possess.